Just two days at hand and you have to go back to work again without fail. Most of the people are so unhappy with this partial distribution- that is to work for five days and rest for only two days. Anyway, we can’t change this unfair distribution but can make your weekends very special.

Even if you are running out of budget, you can enjoy your weekend in the best ways. Let’s have a look into our best five tips and spend your Sunday as a fun day. The strength to run for another week will be in you.

1. Take massages: Throughout the week, you have been working a lot and so naturally, you need some relaxation. Hire the best massage services and make your body feel good and wipe out anxiety. The blood circulation becomes smoother and your muscles will be strengthened. You can add the frequent massages to your weekend plans. No other way is as effective as this one to take care of your body.

2. Eat some spicy food: Even if you are not in that much love with the spicy
food, but you can consider having a little amount it at the weekend. While returning back from a spa after taking Sydney massage services you can halt at any café and try out any light spicy snacks. This will help in increasing your stretch and you will feel better. This is truly a fantastic way to make yourself free from stress. If there is any food carnival going on in your city, take your friends and go there. Different foods will change your taste buds along with your mindset.

3. Have a long drive: Your car needs some time from you too and at the same time you need refreshment. Drive to your favorite spot and sit there for a while. You will feel the best when you are with yourself and if you plug one of your favorite songs into your ears, it will be awesome. While you are on your way to the destination, you can stop in your favorite café and grab s cup of coffee too. If you own a pet, take it with you and your journey can be more enjoyable. Your friends can also join you to increase the level of enjoyment.

4. Music cafes are good place: If you love music, and crave to be among people and meet new folks, then music cafes are great place for you. Call up your friends and have great time together.

5. Go for a concert: Whether you want to spend your weekend alone or with friends, concerts are great places to enjoy.


When you are getting ready for a holiday party, it is natural that you would love to be the most gorgeous one among all. The best party wear in your wardrobe is ready to come out with the best accessories. Along with the attire, you must pick the suitable look. Your hairstyle, lips as well as eyes require perfect touch up. We know that eyes are expressive enough and now you need to make them more beautiful. Correct cosmetic products and perfect skill will help you in the process.

Some very dumb mistakes women do while putting on eye makeup, especially in the matter of eyelash extensions. So make your eyes smoky without any mistake. Here we have outlined the mistakes as per women’s choice. Let’s have a look at these mistakes.

The 4 foolish mistakes you need to avoid in using fake eyelashes

1. Ignorance of skills: When you are going for fake eyelashes, make sure that you are aware of the professional skills. If you do not have any idea regarding how to put on the fake eyelashes, let it be left on the professional artists. Without proper skills, the fake eyelashes will affect your eyes. So, one of the most sensitive parts of your body must be well protected to avoid any types of damages.

2. Choosing cheap products: The cheap adhesives on the fake eyelashes will harm your eyelashes. Skin allergies, fall of your eyelashes and other problems will occur soon. In fact, these lashes will fall from your eyes anytime and that embarrassing moment is better not described. If you want to save money on such products, please cut it off from your cosmetic products’ list. Compare the prices in different stores, but go for the best.

3. Being rough: After you have got your extended eyelashes, you will have a natural tendency to rub it or pull them. But do not go for such a dumb mistake. This will affect the lashes and also your appearance. The adhesives will be loosened and so again, the problem falling off will occur. For your natural eyelashes, the same thing is applicable. Natural cycle of eyelash production is limited, so keep it in mind.

4. Using wrong pillow: When you have already got the extended lashes, find out the right pillow for you. Wrong pillow will cause harm to the lashes. The cotton pillows bring in friction whereas the silk ones are smooth and help in lasting lashes for long. Maintain your lashes with care and keep the appointment with the stylist in every three weeks.

One of the funniest of things about hair is that it will never grow at places where a person wants it to grow. As people start to grow older and also due to hormonal changes, both men as well as women, notice them growing at the most unwanted or strangest of places.

If you wish to know about some quick hair removal techniques then there are a few practical and effective routes you can take. In fact, there are even so many techniques that you can try which are painless and very swift too.

When you want to remove unwanted hair from your body, then a lot depends on the area where you wish to remove it from. Completely removing it from some sections of the body would not be a good idea at all. However, if you wish to remove it or make it less noticeable, there are few hair removal techniques that you can try which are quite effectual:

Nose Area: Whenever you are going through tips to remove nasal hair you need to be way too careful and most importantly exercise caution. You have to understand that it is present in the nasal passage due to some important reason, which is why you need to be extra guarded. It is useful for us as it filters the air that we breathe in. Thus, keep this note in mind always and never try to pull it out or tweeze stands that grow in this region. However it is fine if you go about with occasional trimming. One of the safest of ways is to implement specific clippers. At the same time, they have been very aptly manufactured, to help it move into the nasal cavity easily.

Ear: Men particularly do notice hair growing in the most peculiar of places as they start to age. Even though in this section, it is not as essential as the ones present in the nose region, it must not be removed completely from the ear canal. It is always safe to trim it down and for the outer ear area; you can always use tweezers to pull it. Keep in mind to pull it careful from the outside area as it may get a bit painful, though many do not realize it.

Eyebrows – At this section, there are few options you can exercise however it is essential for you to keep it in proper shape and if it is not done right, a person may end up looking extremely weird. If there are several stray ones, then first rub an ice cube and then you will have the tweezers working out for you wonderfully. The option of professional waxing is also there.

Lip area – For sure, women would not find it appealing to have moustaches growing. For this area the best option would be tweezers or waxing.


Do you want to get rid of hair problems? Hair problems, if not addressed at the right time, will give rise to serious issues that include baldness. However, there are ways by which you can treat your hair and make it healthy, smooth as well as shiny.

Thankfully, common hair problems can be solved with some easy tips. Just have a look at these tips and you will get your answers.

1. Get rid of your frizzy hair: This is a very common problem to every single girl. We recommend oiling your hair. It is an old practice but truly very effective if you want to have a smooth, silky, soft and long hair. Only two times a week have the hot oil massage on your scalp and after one hour clean it properly with warm water. You can put on a towel around your head and this will help in soaking the dirt of your hair into it. The problem of having innumerable knots in your hair will be removed. You need to apply only some amount of water and the problems of frizzy and knotted hair will go away. Choose any renowned Olaplex salon in Sydney of your choice for this hair care.

2. Get rid of dandruff: Due to pollution, poor diet and skin problems, having dandruff is the most ordinary issue for both men and women. Black or any other dark coloured dress becomes whiter and it is not just embarrassing but also very bad to look at. So get rid of dandruff first. The best shampoos in the market can help you the most and continue the regular use. You must select the best dandruff treatments in the professional hair salon. For a home remedy, you can use the lemon juice with some amount of water directly on your scalp. Leaving for ten to fifteen minutes, just rinse it thoroughly. This treatment along with shampoo will make you dandruff free soon.

3. Say no to hair fall: Regular oiling helps in lessening the hair fall. You may know this well but feel a little lazy when you need to do it. We always recommend you not to miss this treatment. Don’t ever think of trying numerous hairstyles every day. It increases the hair fall rate. After every styling, just make sure that you are taking care of it in the perfect way. Go to visit the hair specialist every month for some tips and a rejuvenation treatment will be the best one to regain the shine of your hair. Avoid using brush or comb for your hair when they are wet. Hair breakage and fall both are increased in this way. Split ends are also the result of mistaken care.

Are you getting ready for your official party this weekend? Then you are surely looking forward to get the best appearance in the party. You have already chosen the party attire and your high heels to pair with them.

Also, do not forget to go for facial treatments like skin peel before applying party makeup. However, if you haven’t chosen them yet and are a little confused about getting the right attire for yourself, we are here to help you with the complete guide of your party look.

So, let’s have a look.

• Go for face mask: For a brighter appearance, go for a face mask or apply skin peel. These will help you look more gorgeous naturally, even without makeup. You can try the home remedies or select your preferable parlor for the skin treatment.

• Select your dress: What do you want to wear in the weekend party? You may go for shopping to get a new dress. Otherwise, choose the dress you have hardly worn in any party before from your wardrobe. You can go for some different colors except black, brown or grey.

• Get the proper accessories: When you have the party wear at your hand, choose the right accessories. Don’t overdo them and get the perfect accessories. Wear earrings, preferably hoops of golden or sliver color. Make your watch your style statement, if you want. You will definitely look different among all your colleagues. Your nails must be painted and try some mix and match as per the design as well as the color of your selected attire.

• Determine your hairstyle and put on makeup: The attire you are wearing, select the hairstyle which looks the most suitable one with it. You can go to the hair styling salon to get that hairstyle. Put on little makeup without affecting your natural beauty.

• Choose the correct pair of shoes: Along with your attire, choose the correct pair of shoes. It is recommended to put on a pair of heels. If you are not too much comfortable with heels, wear a kitten heel or something else you like. But do not go for ballerina flats, they will make your look incomplete. A nice looking outfit is incomplete without a correct pair of shoes.

• Make sure that your skin is properly shaved: It is another important point to be kept mind. You must go for waxing or shaving or any other process of hair removal to give your skin a smooth appearance. Legs, arms and back must be cleaned properly. Otherwise you will look nothing but weird even after wearing your favorite outfit.

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